How Did the Concept of Gift Baskets Come About?

Behind every gift basket is the concept that each item that goes into it is picked with care. It's that attention to detail that makes gift baskets so lovely to give and receive whether they're brimming with wine, chocolates, flowers or toys. 

The use of baskets to convey precious goods and for ceremonial purposes has a longer history than most of us would imagine. There are several fascinating stories of giving gifts this way that pop up throughout history.

Historical evidence suggests that baskets have existed since the beginning of human civilization. Prior to the invention of woven baskets, people used tree bark to make simple containers and archaeologists have discovered ancient woven baskets in Egyptian pyramids that date back as early as 2504 BC. 

Such ancient baskets were used for a variety of reasons, based primarily on the geographical needs of the weavers. Those who lived near water created baskets to help with fishing needs, while people living inland wove baskets that aided them with harvesting, carrying, and storing grains or other items such as water and clothing.

Many cultures turned basket making into a remarkable art form, also using the baskets for bartering or trading as a precious item in itself. Each individual weaver created their own masterpieces with varying weaves, materials, colours, and patterns. 

Just as basket making is a personal art form, representing the signature of the person who made it, so too is the selection and giving of the modern day gift basket. 

These days, some of the most popular reasons to send a gift basket include birthdays, corporate gifts, Mothers day, get well gifts, and to say congratulations or a special thank you to someone.        

So if you are thinking of sending a gift basket Auckland or NZ-wide, you'll find the right basket to represent your personal message in the carefully prepared range available at Gift Barn.

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Angela Cahill

A fabulous experience was achieved by using Gift Barn to send a super special birthday surprise to my sister-in-law in New Zealand from my husband and self in the U.K. She loved it and it was received by courier on the day...Thank you Gift Barn.

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Bruce Cornwell

My daughter has lived in New Zealand for over 10 years. We always send her and her family gifts for every occasion which costs and American arm and leg. I've looked many times to find a NZ Company I could order from to send local and the other day I found this company. I ordered one day and it was delivered the next. My daughter loved it. She said that the different products in the basket were the best quality and local products. I am so happy to have found this website. Thank you so much,

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Nicola Vandermeer

I live in London, UK and have used The Gift Barn many times to send gifts home to family in NZ. They always provide a fabulous service - my stepmum especially loved her birthday pamper box of ecostore lotions and potions delivered last week! Thanks for all your help in helping me to send love back home :-)

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Kay Austin

My friend received her gift and was delighted with the contents and presentation. I was impressed with the quick delivery and hassle free service. Many thanks to The Gift Barn. I will certainly recommend and use your service again.

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Fiona Bledge

I was delighted with the gift basket I ordered for mum on her birthday. She was thrilled with the way it was presented and especially pleased with the gift card which used a lovely font and seemed more personal. They also delivered on time. Thank you so much, I will definitely be ordering from you again.

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Paula Riseborough

Brilliant choice and service. Excellent for overseas customers and the quality is always excellent. I will recommend to all ex-pat kiwis to use for family back home. Thank-you

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Kiri Atkins Pakiri

Best online gift company! Great products, fast service, lovely helpful staff, always deliver quickly. Far exceed my expectations, guaranteed satisfaction every time. Recommend 100%!! Can't thank you enough :))

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Lesley Gradek

Gift Barn makes it soooooo easy for us to send personal gifts to folks back home in NZ. Thank you for a wonderful service. I have used this company for many years. A satisfied repeat customer. Thanks to all at Girt Barn.

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Margaret Brain

Delighted with the quick delivery, and stunning flowers sent- 3 Pink Gerbra. Recipient was also delighted. Very happy to recommend this company for outstanding customer service

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Barbara Ryan

I've been on the receiving end of the Bennets premium chocolates. Very nice gift. So now I'm sending them as a birthday gift. This site is very easy to manage - with lots of other interesting gifts to choose from too.

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