The Competitive Industry That is Flower Delivery in NZ

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings and birthdays – in New Zealand flowers are an important way to celebrate these special occasions and for those who sell them, flower delivery is a highly competitive industry.

Many people think that because you’re working with something as “simple” and beautiful as flowers, that it’s an easy business, just playing with flowers all day. Indeed, working with fresh floral product is a joy, but delivering bouquets can be extremely difficult to get right.

Not only does their popularity fluctuate based on fashion trends but online florists have the added burden of dealing with a product that essentially loses its quality within a few days. Flowers are fragile and perishable, making their safe delivery, challenging. Inventory turnover and loss from product shrinkage makes timing and quantities critical.

This means that quality and efficiency are extremely important for successful flower delivery in New Zealand. Rapid distribution of floral arrangements is essential to get the freshest possible product to the customer on time and in perfect condition.

Online florists who can build up a good reliable reputation will be more successful. Customers need to trust that they will get great value when they place an order for flowers they’ll never see. Successful flower delivery companies like Gift Barn always keep quality at the front of their minds to ensure the consumer can enjoy the beautiful blooms for as long as possible. 

New technology and online marketing is also having a strong impact. Successful flower delivery businesses are embracing the new creative opportunities to wow customers with examples of the beautiful floral arrangements they can offer - bouquets such as Gift Barn's Warm and Fiery, a rich autumn toned bouquet including gerberas, calla lillies, leucodendron. Or the deep red roses scented stock & scented lillies of their Romance bouquet - and many more.

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