The Right Time to Buy Corporate Gift Baskets

Corporate gift giving is an important part of establishing and maintaining good business relationships and corporate gift baskets make great gifts. Whether it's a gift for colleagues, employees, new customers or regular clients, there are plenty of occasions when you should think of sending a quality gift hamper - and there are a few times when it's a particularly good idea.

A new business opening is the perfect time to give a corporate gift basket. Drop by to wish them good luck and deliver a small gift. A selection of Oyster Bay wine and some sweet treats will ensure your visit is memorable and well thought of.

You should not miss the opportunity to give a corporate gift basket when thanking a client for a referral that brought business your way, renewing a contract, or for a particularly large order. Send a fine old Port, Whiskey or Brandy, or some exceptional chocolates. With their premium quality contents and impressive presentation every time, you'll help to develop a good business relationship into a great one.

Recognising hard work, dedication or a special achievement by an employee is a great way to keep motivation high in all staff. Arrange delivery of a large gourmet corporate gift basket of tempting treats or a gift of beautiful essential oils and pure pear and ginger aroma-botanical extracts to show them how much you value their hard work.

Clients and staff appreciate the personalised gesture of a gift box and the thought that has gone into choosing the right one. Everyone’s tastes are different so really getting to know your clients and employees pays off - it makes the recipient feel good and reflects really positively on you and your business. 

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