The Moa Beer Company focus on brewing premium, boutique
and rear beers.  Moa’s  key point difference is in its brewing
technique. Fermented and  conditioned in the bottle. Just
like champagne.

  • Five Bottles of Moa Beer Beer
  • Rosenborg Danish Brie Cheese
  • Terrine De Champagne Pork Pate
  • Black Pepper Peanuts
  • Maison Therese Pickled Cornichons
  • Black Pepper & Cheddar Savoury Bites
  • Bombay Savoury Mix
  • Kiwi Biltong
  • Red Pepper Pesto Dip
  • Traditional French Nougat
  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

    Why not add some Chocolates

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